Embrace virtual sportscasting to grow your audience and increase fan engagement!

Let your viewers pick a commentator to suit their preferred language, style, or team bias.

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Spalk's white-label plug-in integrates with your website & mobile apps, and gives you full editorial control over who can commentate.
We ensure lip-sync perfect synchronisation between your live stream and the remote commentators.
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Colleges & sports organisations

Spalk.TV is our free-to-use platform. No ads, no hidden fees. Just a free platform that allows your fans to commentate your existing streams on YouTube and Livestream.
Contact us to unlock Premium features, including geoblocking, Facebook Live publishing, and commentator control.
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Spalk is your remote commentary studio. Access live videos, statistics, and chat with fans from wherever you are in the world. All you need to commentate is a laptop and an internet connection.

Coming Soon: Spalk Commentary Marketplace - helping Sportscasters, PxP and Colour Commentators land paid jobs!
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